Horisont Interview: Q & A About Upcoming Album

Classic hard rock band HORISONT released new music in anticipation of their upcoming new album Sudden Death which will be available on all platforms on the 15th of May. Horisont’s soon to be hit single “Free Riding” was a labor of a 3 year love child of Axel, Charles, David, Magnus and Pontus.

Even though Horisont was formed in 2006, why did it take three years to release its 10 song LP “Tva Sidor Av Horisonten?”

Axel: We were basically just five lazy guys, who thought people would contact us, offer gigs and record deals. After three years that’s exactly what happened haha. Peter from Crusher Records had us playing his club and afterwards he offered us a record deal.

HORISONT Tva Sidor Av Horisonten

Why is the band labeling itself as hard rock, when all I hear is rock and roll?

A: What sounds like hard rock to us might sound like rock and roll to you. I think it’s just a matter of taste and what you consider hard rock.

The trend that I see is Horisont releases a new album every two years. Do you find the release pattern to be the golden ratio that is leading the band to success?

A: If it led us to any success I’m not sure. It has worked out well with writing and touring in between.

So who are the members of the band that founded the band?

A: Axel and former guitarist Kristofer formed the band and drummer Pontus joined after two rehearsals. Except for David, we have all been together for over 13 years.

Tell me about the lineup changes for guitar players in 2014 and 2016.

A: Kristofer had kids and didn’t feel like playing anymore. Then Tom came in but due to lack of time he left too. So finding David was really nice. A solid guitar player and a perfect fit for the band. He’s in it for the long run!


Why did it take the band 10 years to reach a record label contract? Was the band not doing well on its own?

A : It didn’t. We were signed to Crusher Records in ’09 and then moved on to Rise Above Records before signing to Century Media Records.

Is Horisont still a Swedish band or have you moved to another location?

A: We still live in Sweden. Based in Gothenburg and small towns surrounding it.

Tell me a bit about the band’s fascination with the 70s and why that time period is so essential to Horisont’s success.

A: It’s the sound, basically! The warmth and craftsmanship. 

Of your entire discography and you were told to perform one album back to back for a concert, which one would it be and why?

A: We’ve actually done that with both ”Två Sidor Av Horisonten” and “Oddessy” and that was a fun experience. 

With the band releasing “Sudden Death”, due out this year, why have you decided to push the singles “Free Riding” and “Pushin’ the Line?” Would you say that these songs hold a special meaning or that this album is different from the others in more than imagined by your current fans?

A: It’s two songs we really like and the record label liked them to, so we decided to go with it! I guess we all have different favorite songs on the album.

HORISONT Sudden Death

With your European tour now cancelled, how does this affect the direction of the band?

A: We are working on backup plans, as all bands are doing. I guess it’s just a matter of doing the best out of a shitty situation!

Where can fans find Horisont online? Please include a complete list.

A: Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Horisontmusic.com. We are everywhere…

Have I forgotten to mention anything?

Please buy or download the new album. Listen to it and let us know what you think. Thanks!!

Sudden Death
Free Riding
Sudden Death
Pushin’ The Line


Horisont Official Website

Horisont Facebook

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