Interview with Boston Band PATIENT 0 (ZERO)

PATIENT 0 is an independent metal act from Boston, Massachusetts and founded on September 11th 2010 by the band’s singer Dave Gannon. The band has 4 studio albums under the belt with a fifth one titled “Comatose” out now. The band has released all 3 songs through YouTube and Bandcamp as well as your usual outlets. On Mar 6, PATIENT 0 will be performing at Alchemy in Providence, Rhode Island with Barbarian, Absence of Despair and Omni. 

Patient 0

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions.

How can readers determine between your band and the other bands with the same name throughout the world?

If you search Patient 0 on any music platform we are often the first/only search result 

Please introduce yourselves.

Dave Gannon – vocals
Kyle Farrar – vocal
Jeremy Litton – guitar
Steve Hinckley – guitar
Dan Woitasek – bass
Shane Lamm – drums 

How did you all meet and form PATIENT 0? What other bands did you all meld from?

Jeremy and I (Dave) met in a prior band many many years ago. Dan and Steve joined as friends of past members and had fortunately stuck around. Shane and Kyle have been working with me (Dave), recording other projects. I eventually invited them to play in P0.

What is the song writing process? Guitars first or vocals?

I’ve never started a song with vocals  

Who does PATIENT 0 sound like and what are your biggest influences?

Our sound has evolved over the past few years. Starting more as a nu-metal/metalcore hybrid and now turning into something heavier. Our influences range from Slipknot to Tool to Deftones to Traitors to Spite. It’s kind of all over the place.

How many albums do you have out right now, including singles and does the sound and message of each one change throughout the releases?

3 albums, 2 EPs. We’ve never set our mission on delivering a message or writing concept albums. The sound definitely changes between releases. 

What are your plans for 2020? Touring? Writing?

Writing during the spring. Hopefully some weekenders and festivals after that. 

Tell me more about the March 6th show at Alchemy in Providence, Rhode Island.

Barbarian and Absence of Despair are cool dudes. Can’t wait to peep the other bands. 

Do you have any favorite bands that you like to play-out with both international and New England?

No plans to tour internationally. Would love to do more shows with Eminent & The Last King. Those guys are hilarious to party with. 

With the release of your last 3 song EP album titled “Comatose”, what song was the most fun to write?

The songs took a few years to write, given we were going through a ton of line up changes (after we released ‘Sweet Nothing’) and the songs got put on the back burner a lot. Once we secured Shane/Kyle in the band, we finally stopped and said “we’ve gotta release some tunes” and rolled with our 3 most solid pre-pros. From there we presented the songs to the newer members to add their touch. If I had to pick a song I’d say ‘Comatose’ because Kyle got to really put his footprint on the lyrics. 

What do you guys do when you are not gigging or writing? Do you have day jobs and what do you do?

Some of us have other musical projects we’re working on. We all love video games. Yes, we all definitely have day jobs.

Where can your fans find you online? 

Thank you again for your time!