Interview with DEAD BY WEDNESDAY

While doing research about DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, I discovered that the band was formed sometime in 2006. Tell me more about the exact date that the magic started happening.

It actually started prior to 2006, that was just the date our first debut CD came out on Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed’s record label Stillborn Records. How it came about was basically a fluke. I was upstairs in my attic jamming & recording riffs at my old place & one day during a small get together but cousin David Ramos (one of the original singers) started free styling & improvising over some of the music. It sounded so different & unique that others that were there at the time all said we should do something with it. I agreed & thus DBW was born!

Who is the mastermind behind DEAD BY WEDNESDAY?

Basically me… I wanted to start a heavier new project that had no boundaries or multiple opinions from with in the camp. At the time I was playing in a band called Gargantua Soul & that band had too many cooks in the kitchen basically for a lack of better words. Thus “democracy is dead’ the title of our first album came out representing that idea but then was quickly turned into a political statement being the era of GWB & post 9/11.

Please for each band member, state your name and give a quick bio and introduction of how you got involved in DEAD BY WEDNESDAY.

Opus – Drums – Founder

Mike Modeste – Bass – “I would continually go to Opus’ live shows with his old band & tell him after they played that I was better then the bass player they had at the time & that they should hire me so when he started this new project he hit me up & gave me the shot. I have been performing with him ever since with this band & in fact the only original band member still here to this day!”

Dave Sharpe – Guitar – “Basically knew about the band from our local music scene & when they were looking for a new guitarist for the band, I saw an add on Facebook & answered it. At first I wasn’t sure because these guys tour a lot & do it for real & I wasn’t sure if I could cut it with time due to my demanding job but not only am I doing it but I am able to work remotely & still give them 100%. It was a great decision! Now because of it I even play with Opus with the bassist of Megadeth on a side band that be put together being that DBW is on David’s label now as well.”

Steve Alvarez – Vox – I am the newest member & in fact have not even played a show out yet with them due to this virus situation. I can’t wait to do so! A buddy of Opus’, Gary Sandler referred me to him to check out since my other band Condition Zero played out with Gary locally & he saw me perform & thought I’d be a good fit. Opus checked me out online & emailed our site asking to speak to me. The rest was history! I have big shoes to fill being that their former singer Rob Roy was not only a great singer but a beast. 

Being a New Haven, Connecticut band, tell me about who DEAD BY WEDNESDAY is and how all of the members met.

Well we are all from CT. now (Rob Roy was from MA. one state away) so basically we met indirectly through our local music scene. About DBW:

D.B.W. (DEAD BY WEDNESDAY) is a International American 4 Piece heavy metal group from New Haven, CT. Established in 2006 by drummer Opus, (ex-Gargantua Soul & current U.S. touring drummer for David Ellefson of Megadeth & Altitudes & Attitude featuring Frank Bello of Anthrax). Out the box, they quickly caught the attention of Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed) who went on to release their debut through his label, Stillborn Records. They’ve released one EP, four full length recordings including their unique guest vocalist album “Darkest of Angels” (EMP Label Group). Their newest self-titled release is also on David Ellefson of Megadeth’s newly revamped Combat Records, a division of EMP. “Dead By Wednesday” is available now online at iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Target, etc. as well as in stores everywhere, including most mom-n-pop indie record shops & all FYE locations distributed by AEC/AMPED. DBW gained a fierce loyal following through relentless years of touring supporting such artists as Shadows Fall, Flotsam & Jetsam, ICP, Raven, P.O.D., Jasta/Hatebreed, to name a few. They’ve played both the Warped Tour & the Mayhem Festival & in rotation on Sirius Liquid Metal radio, Music Choice, Havok TV, MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball, The Music Network, also currently in Touch Tunes, & the video game Rockband. DBW understands the business, they’re easy to work with, professional, & will always put on a highly energetic live & very entertaining show. 

What venues in or around New Haven does the band like to play out at and are the shows at or almost to capacity every time?
We play all over the country & tour mostly but locally we play a few times a year not to over saturate. One of our favorite places to play is Toads place in New Haven, CT. That would probably be considered our hometown venue. We get it pretty full, usually anywhere from 350 – 500 or so when we play there so I wouldn’t say “at capacity” being that it holds 750 but we have done that before in the past as well or close to it on several occasions. 

Now that the current events of the world have stopped DEAD BY WEDNESDAY from playing out, what are the plans for 2020?

Well our plans are to get out to tour & play ASAP! We have a tour still on the table with Twiztid that was supposed to happening all of April but it’s been postponed & pushed to June/July. I guess we will see what happens with it… I hope it’ll work but if not we will eventually be out there kicking ass soon enough. Unfortunately everyone else I know in the music business is in the same boat. We will probably do some live feeds if nothing else online as well when we all feel comfortable getting together again & we also have a couple of brand new songs recorded from the studio that we want to get the new guy Steve on to vocally to show the world & get people pumped about the change!

Tell me more about your new self titled EP. Does this album solidify the sound that everyone in the band has been working towards?

The new self-titled album is exactly the direction & sound we were going for. Sort of an extension & expansion from our last album prior to this one entitled “Darkest of angels” also on EMP Label Group. Our tone is strongly dependent on our awesome producer Nicky Bellmore (Dee Snider/Jasta) at his place Dexters Lab Studio in Milford, CT. He rocks & knows his shit & really pushes the band & captures our sound. He makes us sound better which is what you want a producer to do. Make a good band great!

The album opens up with the 2nd song titled Smelling Salts. Was this song placed first on the album on purpose?

Pretty much. We wanted to come out swinging & felt that “Smelling Salts” does just that plus we open with it live too so it just made sense for it to be first after the intro track on the record too. It’s fast & furious but also still has melody & groove!

Aside from Smelling Salts, my favorite song to rock out with is MANIMAL. Tell me a bit more about this song and how it goes with the general theme of the album and the band as a whole.

Manimal is a lot of peoples favorite tracks including myself & my former singer Rob’s. It just has that aggression to it & that heavy Pantera bouncy style chorus. It’s also one of the hardest songs to play live as well. The album was done & we needed like one or two more tracks to make it a full length so right when we basically called it a day, last minute I pulled this one out my ass… I had a sick guitar riff done & then wrote all the parts & music for that one around the riffs. I brought this track in pretty much done minus the lyrics & vocals. Our former singer Rob Roy killed this one for sure! You’d have to ask him exactly what its about but from what I can gather it’s basically about being strong & crushing anything around you & taking what is rightfully yours I think, lol.

When attending a DEAD BY WEDNESDAY show, what should our readers expect each and every time?

People should expect full on raw energy & aggression! No holds bare. We don’t mess around live. We all feel like if you’re coming to see a live show, we should def give it to the people! Watching someone just stand there doesn’t do it for us. We want power from the minute you come out & hit your first note!

Where can the readers find you online, other than Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp? – buy albums here!

What are your biggest music influences throughout the New England music community?

Well are influences are all over the place but if you want to scale it down to the New England area, we have some of the biggest & best rock/metal bands to ever come out of this area. In fact, the New England area is the hot bed for the genre they call metal-core… Bands like Killswitch Engage, All that Remains, Shadows Fall, Staind, & Godsmack to name a few are all from MA. and right here in CT. we even have the mighty Hatebreed!! These bands have definitely influenced our sound for sure.