Interview with GOLCONDA

So you two, what are your names and when and where did you meet?

First of all thank you for this opportunity. Choosing a name is a pretty tough decision. We’re fan of surrealist artists like Dalí, Breton and after a quick research we found a Magritte painting called Golconda. We liked the name itself but also realized that we can fully identify with its meaning. On the picture all men are dressed the same, have the same bodily features and are all floating what leaves us to look at the men as a group. Whereas if we look at each person, we can predict that they may be completely different from another figure. Maybe it sounds cliché but we feel that our mission is to create something unique. Not just the music but a whole production what we call: the GOLCONDA experience. And we met around two years ago but we started to write music together about a year now.

Where is GOLCONDA located out of right now?

We are living in a small European country. On our social sites we’re not emphasizing where we came from… we would like to let the music speak for itself with its message. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.

How do you perform your music live?

We have a vision, and continuously working on it. We’re going to play all the guitar/synth and drum parts for sure but we also want to support our performance with custom visuals and lights. We want to give an experience for the crowd.

Word has it that GOLCONDA is focused on global issues. Can you tell me which issues are closest to your hearts’ and what your plans are.

It’s hard to pick one because we’re living in difficult times. On this album we tried to draw attention to plastic pollution, climate change and cruelty to animals. All of them are burning issues which we cannot neglect.

You recently released an album titled “ELEVEN.” Tell me about the songs “The Law” and “SHIKA.”

‘The Law’ is our “bang the door” song. This is the first track from the album and we wrote this song to introduce ourselves to the world. It has all the elements what we’re trying to put in a song: catchy riffs, neurotic synth lines and experimental ideas such as sound of a crying women at the end of the song. About “Shika”: we both love Night Verses and this song is mostly inspired by their last album!

Who are your favorite world wide bands?

Damn! It’s hard because mostly we’re not listening to the same artists but if we have to choose we would pick Northlane (especially their recent release ‘Alien’) and the DOOM soundtrack by Mick Gordon.

Who are your favorite local bands?

We both like the band called ‘SUBSCRIBE’.

What do you do outside of your music to make a living? I am sure you have day jobs.

IT and teaching music.

Tell me about your fans. Do you communicate with them on a daily basis and if so where can your fans communicate with you the most?

Of course we’re trying to stay close to our fans! We’re reacting every share or like on our posts. You can find GOLCONDA on every social platform so if you comment or write we will reply as soon as we can!