Interview with Trueshot: new track Paradigm featuring Aiden Holmes

Hey Richard, thank you so very much for taking the time to answer a few questions.

No problem!

Has TRUESHOT always been the name of the band or was it under a different one at the start?

Funny enough, when we first, first formed, we were under the name “Rareform” for about a week or so before we changed to TrueShot. We never did anything under Rareform, though, haha. 


Tell me about the lineup and what bands you all played in before.

Richard – I’ve never been in a band before. Just a guy who screamed in his car turned frontman.

Adam – Been in bands in the past. Guitar player for over 20 years.

Derek – Hadn’t played a bass in a LONG time before Adam got him in the band. Has played in bands in the past, too.

Anthony – New drummer for TrueShot. Used to play in the band “As Aphrodite Fell”. 

Can you take a moment and introduce the band’s home towns, how you met and if you are all from New Hampshire?

Richard – Seabrook, NH

Adam – Merrimack, NH

Derek – Nashua, NH

Anthony – Winchendon, MA

We all met after I got in touch with our old drummer, Qadry. From there, I posted an ad on Craigslist and found Adam who then got Derek to play bass. Qadry left the band at the end of 2019 and we got Anthony. 

Tell me about your new single release “PARADIGM” which was released on March 13. Was it fun working with DEALER’s Aidan Holmes?

Yeah! Aidan is a talented guy. It’s easily our heaviest song. This song was in the makings for a long time. 

Was this song easy to write compared to your 6 track EP “ESCAPE”?

We were all more comfortable with one another. Adam writes a lot of the music. Like, the majority, but for this one I was glad I got to sit down with him and tinker this one together.

Tell me more about the “ESCAPE” EP.

It’s our debut release from June 2019. There are 6 tracks. It’s all, lyrically, about events from my life involving personal relationships, my mother, some struggles at times growing up mentally, but Purgatory is actually written from the POV of someone else close to me. 

What are your favorite songs to perform live and due to the coronavirus when is your next release and gig?

For me, Paris and Purgatory. Pumped to play Paradigm live more. We just released Paradigm but we have plans to release another single relatively soon. Next gig is up in the air. No idea yet unfortunately. 

What bands in your hometown do you enjoy playing with and which venues do you consider your homes?

We love to play with bands like The Worst of Us, Attacking the Vision, The Last King, Fathom Farewell, No Eye Has Seen, Unbounded and we look forward to playing with Saving Vice.

I guess now we’d say Jewel is our home but we started at the Bungalow. 

What are your biggest influences both musically and spiritually?

Musically, everyone in the band loves metalcore of course. We all love bands like As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red, Erra, but we all have our own different types of influences. 

Adam loves Coheed and Cambria; Derek loves indie music; Richard tends to lean more toward the heavy side with bands like Emmure and started doing vocals because of Phil Bozeman; Anthony is a mixed bag. He listens to it all. We try to take influences from wherever and if it sounds good, it sounds good!

What is going on for 2020 now that global events have shifted?

Just keep releasing new material. We will be releasing singles for the foreseeable future. 

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for having us!