Interview with Punk Music Band FOLLOW THRU

Glen of FOLLOW THRU took some time out of their busy schedule to answer a few questions for Uncle Mantis.

What date did you form FOLLOW THRU and has it always been that name or was the project under a different name?

Follow Thru formed at some point in 2017 I think.  Ben, Ryan, Kelsey and Mike were in Bears! Bears! Bears! and continued to write together.  Later, I joined as 2nd guitar player and it just kinda rolled from there.

Has your lineup been the same from the beginning or have you gone through a transition?

As Follow Thru yes,  As a unit we’ve all been playing as different bands over about 10 years.

Follow Thru

Introduce yourselves; instrument; how you all met; where you came from, etc.

I’m Glen, I play the explorer and drink beers.  Ryan is the singer and drinks beers.  Ben plays the PGM and drinks beers. Kelsey plays bass and drinks beers. Mike plays drums and drinks Ben and Kelsey’s beers.

Ben and Mikey have been playing music together the whole time. Ryan joined them as the trombone player in Short Handed Goal. Kelsey and I showed up around the same time when Kelsey and Ben started dating and I took over for vocals in Short Handed Goal.

Tell me about your debut EP titled “Play Hard, Play Fast, Play First” which was released in February of 2019. Where did you record it and who was the producer?

We recorded everything with George at Galilee Productions.  He did pretty much all of the editing and mixing.  It was a real pleasure; We were in and out in a [long] day.

What is your favorite song to perform on stage, the one that gets the crowd going?

What’ crowd? Haha.

My personal favorite is the new one “Huffy”, “Too Old To Start Over” rips, and one of the non recorded songs “Nickles and Dimes” really moves.

What are your biggest influences in music and in life?

We all pretty much agree that work sucks, life is stressful and playing music is the best release from the day to day b.s.

We all listen to different genres of punk.  Kelsey is a huge Henry Rollins fan, and leans heavy into the old school stuff.  Ben is big into the speed metal, like Dragonforce and Galneryus.  Ryan is one of Spotify’s top Misfits fans, but we think that’s an algorithm error.  Mikey is a split, he’s either ripping Hit The Switch, or mellowing out to The Menzingers.  I’m big into the Hot Water Music, Red City Radio stuff, whatever sub-genre that is I guess.

What are your plans for 2020?

I think we are going to put out a DIY album and see what sticks. Play some shows, crush some beers, build a mini ramp and keep doing what we do.