Interview with THE EDGE OF REASON

Hey guys, thank you so very much for taking the time to answer a few questions!

What date did you form THE EDGE OF REASON and has it always been or was the project under a different name?

Ro: Well, TEOR was originally formed in 2012, but we had a very long break about 3 years after our first EP. For us it feels like we started from scratch in 2017.

Has your lineup been the same from the beginning or have you gone through a transition?

herbststurm festival 

Ro: Only Dani and me are left from the original lineup. So Billy, Niko and Alex joined 2016.

Introduce yourselves; instrument; how you all met; where you came from, etc.

Ro: We are from Bavaria, Germany.

Ro Seven, Vocals, Electronic Parts

Billy Oldboy, Guitar

Alex Gorst, Guitar

Dani Schöneberg, Bass Guitar

Niko Van Laak, Drums

The Edge Of Reason

Tell me about your first EP titled “Broken But Not Torn” which was released on July 3rd 2017. Where did you record it and who was the producer?

Ro: “Broken But Not Torn” was our first self released full length album. It was produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Johannes Wenisch @

In fact our first EP was called “How Can I Drop This Mask” and was released 06/2012. That CD is no longer publicly available, but some songs are still available on our youtube channel. If anyone is interested in getting a leftover from our basement, drop us a line on social media or by email.

How has your work with “Sting” which was released in October 25th 2019 differ from that of your first album? Was it easier to write?

Ro: Oh no, it was so much harder to write. Broken But Not Torn was a good success for our fans. Although we are not famous or big, we felt a lot of pressure to develop, maintain or even increase the quality. And we wanted to spread our message even more.

STING was different while producing too. After the band broke I had to organize everything for BBNT myself. Sting is the work of us all. The whole band spent countless hours & invested all our energy writing and crafting this album. Which is by the way mastered by Joey Sturgis, who worked with Asking Alexandira, for exapmple. Produced and mixed again by room4.

Tell me about the single track “Squeezed Lemon”. What is the message behind the lyrics?

Ro: Do you know the phrase “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”?

Doesn’t work!

That song is about being overwhelmed by all the pressure in life and being just another anonymous number in today’s society. And this increases day by day.

The Edge Of Reason
Squeezed Lemon

What is your favorite song to perform on stage? What song gets the crowd going?

Ro: To be honest. It differs a lot. But especially people really seem to enjoy “Loved A Liar”, “River” and “Bread And Water” most of the time.

How does it feel to be on the line-up for FryyFest 2020 in July?

Ro: We really enjoy to play every show, every festival. FryyFest is great, because we’ve been in Czech republic several times now and we love the people their. It’s an honor to get this opportunity to play at FryyFest with some awesome acts.

Of all the names on the FryyFest 2020 lineup, do you know them all? Which ones are your favorites and where do you see them in 2 years from now?

Ro: We know the amazing Garvedigger and Binfire. Two really famous bands in Germany. They have been in business for a long time and tour the world. They will definitely continue to do so.

What are your biggest influences in music and in life?

Ro: For me it’s Escape The Fate, Falling in Reverse, Bring Me The Horizon and Twenty One Pilots. And since about two years Dead Girls Academy.

What are your plans for 2020?

Ro: I’m sure y’all know about this damn virus going all over the world. So we had some tour plans for May in Germany, but I doubt this will be possible.

Besides live shows, we concentrate on producing a cover song right now. But I can not reveal the song yet.

And at least one more original single this year.

Have I left anything out?

Ro: Well just want to say thanks so much to you for this interview! And thanks and love to all our fans. TEORfam is nothing without you! Stay safe in these weird times!

If you like to join our TEORfam get a complete free album here:

Thank you for your time!