The Alpha Complex Interview 2020

Hey guys, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to answer my questions.

I read that THE ALPHA COMPLEX was formed in September of 2012 but your first sampler was released in 2014, why such a long time before the band released material?

The Alpha Complex was founded by vocalist Michael Woodruff in Sept. 2012, however, the first line-up wasn’t solidified until Sept 2013. The band recorded and released “Generate” in early 2014.

The Alpha Complex

The band has self released a single every couple of years or so, what is holding you back from releasing a full blown LP and will your more recent single “Bad For You” be on it along with “Without You” and “The Curse?”

There is absolutely nothing holding us back. We as a band decided to take down ALL of our previous works including “The Curse” from online streaming services. We are looking forward to the future with a clean slate and will be releasing a new song every 2 months or so. There are no plans for a traditional album release however we may eventually release a collection of past singles.

This question is for Michael Woodruff, Kery Glennon and Matthew O’Connell. What was / is it like to be in the band Motograter and how does it feel seeing everything unfold in current events?

Motograter has taught us all how to work hard and persevere through struggle.

As far as the current lock down situation, we’re all staying safe and isolated. We’re working from home so we can stay on schedule with our future releases. We look forward to being able to tour again and get back to our normal lives.

Michael, Kery and Matthew, did you all meet in Motograter or were you friends before the band?

Kery and I have been friends for more than half of our lives.
We started our first band together…and a few since.
Matthew came into the band by pure luck. We found him through a musician ad on a website. We are very lucky to have found him. He is driven, talented and humble which is hard to find.  

Travis Carrier, how did you meet your current bandmates and tell me a bit about your background and the bands that you have played in and shared the stage with.

I’ve known Kery and Michael from being a part of the Sacramento music scene.  I’ve been in the Sacramento scene for about 10 years now.  I’ve shared the stage with amazing bands, such as Asking Alexandria, The Word Alive, Falling in Reverse, The Chariot and Blessthefall, to name a few!  I was previously in a band called Chaos Mantra before joining The Alpha Complex!

The home base of The Alpha Complex is Sacramento; where did you all grow up from?

Michael – Diamond Bar, CA / Denver, CA
Kery – Denver, CO
Travis – Sacramento, CA
Matt – Presque Isle, ME  

Have you all been experienced with your current roles as musicians, vocals, guitars, etc?

Michael – I’ve been singing all my life but didn’t play my first gig until I was 19.
Kery – I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10
Travis – I started playing bass when I was 14
Matt – I’ve been playing the drums since I was 4 years old.

 Tell me more about “Bad For You” and was the lyrics written by Michael or did the rest have a say in it?

“Bad For You” is a song about self realization. When you’re in a relationship of any kind and it keeps getting worse at some point you have to ask yourself “Am I the problem?”.
The concept was there but the lyrics were a collaborative back and forth effort.

When composing a song, do you start off with guitar and then drums and then vocals? How was “Bad For You” born?

Michael: Normally I am dependent on one of the guys bringing something to the table. Every once in a while I’ll bring a melody or rhythm to the guys and it sparks something.

Kery:  I can start with just about anything. I’ll sit at my desk and either come up with a cool guitar riff and build on that, or start with drums and then add some synths. Once we get something solid we run with it. “Bad for You” I believe was started with a riff we had, and it grew from there.  

Now that the world is currently in a form of house arrest, what are your touring plans for the future and what new rules for shows and attendance do you think are going to be established?

As for 2020, it is clear that concerts and events won’t be happening until there’s a vaccine due to venues’  liability concerns. It’s a very real threat and it’s going to be hard on the music industry as a whole.

What do you guys do currently with your free time and what have your hobbies been in the past?

Michael – Playing on Playstation Network and
spending entirely too much time on social media

Kery – Most of my free time is spent on making music and spending quality time with my family.

Travis: Playing games on my PC and researching live show production

Matthew: Sight seeing, Skateboarding, Playing video games, Playing guitar and drums

Who are your favorite bands and producers and why?

Michael: Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Nothing More, Bring Me The Horizon, Fire From The Gods, GUNSHIP
I’ve worked with a number of great producers all of which I am fond of (James “Jimbo” Barton, Ahrue Luster, Shawn McGhee, Matthew Thomas).

Kery: Fever 333, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me The Horizon, I Prevail, Nothing More.

Travis: Breaking Benjamin, Story Of The Year, Memphis May Fire, Dayseeker, Periphery. My favorite produce in today’s current industry is hands down Tyler Smyth. When it comes to the music, how it sound and hits, the quality is just unmatched.

Matthew: Killswitch Engage, Linkin Park, I Prevail, Breaking Benjamin, and Red. My favorite producer would be Adam Dutkiewicz. He inspired me to be open minded and think outside the box

In the time that the band has been established, where is your home venue and do you have any fans that you have formed a close relationship with?

Our home venue is Holy Diver. We love all of our fans but there are a few that have started as fans and then became part of the inner circle or team.

Where is your favorite online hangout both socially and musically?

Michael: TikTok and Facebook lives or PS4 network
Kery: Facebook, Instagram and Spotify
Travis: Twitch and Discord
Matthew: I spend a lot of time on social media. I like to stay in contact with friends family and the fans. I am also an avid gamer so you can find me on Xbox and streaming on Twitch.

Android or Apple?

Michael – Apple since 2009
Kery – Apple!!!
Travis – Apple
Matt – Android

Have I missed any important questions that you would like to tell your fans answers to?

The only thing I can think of to say to our fans at this moment is that we LOVE you. In these crazy times we want to reach out and tell you you are NOT alone. If you need an outlet or someone to simply listen to you vent about your worries or problems we are here. Message the page and one or more of us will message you back. We will make it out of this situation together stronger than we were when we went into it and it will be because we stuck together no matter how far apart.

Aside from Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter and YouTube, where else can fans find The Alpha Complex online?

TikTok = @TheAlphaComplex
Snapchat = TheAlphaComplex

Thank you for your time.

The Alpha Complex Bad For You