Bury Tomorrow releases new music video off new album Cannibal: Better Below

Bury Tomorrow is a metalcore band that formed in 2006 and hails from the depths of England. In 2013 Kristan Dawson replaced founding lead guitarist Mehdi Vismara who first performed on Bury Tomorrow’s third studio album. The band have released five studio albums with their most recent being “Black Flame” which was released in July of 2018. The band will be releasing their sixth studio album titled “Cannibal” on July 3rd, 2020.

Better Below is Bury Tomorrow’s fifth track off of their up and coming album. Earlier this year they released their title track along with music video.

Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow Members

Daniel Winter-Bates – unclean vocals
Jason Cameron – rhythm guitar, clean vocals
Davyd Winter-Bates – bass guitar
Adam Jackson – drums, percussion
Kristan Dawson – lead guitar, backing vocals

Bury Tomorrow Better Below Lyrics

I stand here battered and broken
The ground swallowed me years ago
When I returned I wasn’t recognizable
Now I’m wondering would I be better off below
Will the wires ever uncross and give me the freedom just enough
To regrow my own skin but God I’m good at giving in
Broken image I am fallen.
Drifting, searching for a name
Did I hear them?
Are they calling?
Or am I living with the shame
It seems I’ve run as far as I can go
Hide the warning signs swiftly as they start to show
Breathe in quick, hold your breath
Show the world the lie, that you’re really not sick
The veil has fallen now you’re suffering for it

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