Bythos release new music – Omega Dragon: new music video

Bythos is a new 3 piece black metal Finland band that released their promo album in 2015. The band is scheduled to release their debut studio album “The Womb of Zero” on April 24th, 2020. The band member names of Bythos are unknown and only go by their initials. Bythos is signed to Terratur Possessions and is releasing their debut album through Van Records.

Bythos Omega Dragon

Together, Bythos combines melodies, riffs and a lyrical theme that would please any of the dark gods. The theme of “The Womb of Zero” is a view of the underworld and it’s deities which focus on the dark powers that create darkness, destruction and beauty.

Cover & band photos: Kristiina Lehto

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Track List

1. Black Labyrinth
2. When Gold Turns into Lead
3. Sorath the Opposer
4. Omega Dragon
5. Call of the Burning Blood
6. Hymn to Lucifer
7. Legacy of Naamah
8. Destroyer of Illusions
9. Luciferian Dawn


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