SUPREME UNBEING Releases New Music Video: Animals

Supreme Unbeing is a four piece metal act led by vocalist/prophet Zac Red along with D. Vine, Unknown and Al Mytee. In August of 2020, the band released a new track titled “Animals”, where it debuted at number four on the Billboard Active Rock Indicator most added. After observing the world for over 30 years, Zac; along with his fellow prophets to shed some light on the existence of humans using heavy riffs, solos and lyrics.

Supreme Unbeing
Supreme Unbeing

Upon following up on the success of Supreme Unbeing’s first song, labeled as a message, “You’ll Never Make It”, “Animals” preaches to us why we exist and the difference between man and animal. The band will continue to release messages covering certain areas of modern-day society.

SUPREME UNBEING signed earlier this year with Megadeth’s David Ellefson’s EMP LABEL GROUP when a strange cassette tape arrived at the desk of EMP LABEL GROUP’S Thom Hazaert.

I’m still not sure who the hell they are, but people seem to like them.

Thom Hazaert

SUPREME UNBEING is set to release additional messages/singles “Solution” (Sept. 4th) and “Dreaming” (Oct. 2nd) prior to the release of the debut full-length LP Enter Reality which is set to release on 10102020 (October 10th 2020).

Supreme Unbeing
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