The Alpha Complex releases new music single ‘Bad For You’ music video

Sacramento hard rock band THE ALPHA COMPLEX, formed in September of 2012 and who’s sole influence is life, dropped new music on March 26 with a music video for their hit single “Bad For You”. The song was mastered by Taylor Larson of From First To Last and composed by Motograter’s Michael Woodruff, Kery Glennon and Matthew O’Connell; Travis Carrier is the exception.

“Bad For You” is a song that describes what happens when you stop blaming everyone else for your flaws and admit that you are actually the problem,” says Woodruff. “The relationship is toxic but you have come to the realization that you are the one making it that way. Like oil and water, sometimes things just won’t mix no matter how hard you try.

Michael Woodruff – The Alpha Complex
The Alpha Complex
Bad For You

This new music video unleashes an explosive performance by the band and showing proof that hard rock is still alive and well. With Woodruff’s lyrical messages and a catchy chorus, The Alpha Complex is definitely up there with well known bands such as I Prevail and Starset.

Bad For You Lyrics

I’m setting this house on fire
You can’t save me from myself
The wires fight and then divide
There’s demons in my mind tonight
You’re in the market for something empty
So naturally you cling to me
But how am I supposed to help
Someone who can’t escape them selves, well

When it’s pouring rain I don’t feel a thing
Every part of me is locked in my brain
But under brighter skies I think of you, I think of you
Chasing pain, another hurricane
Twisting everything between you and me
But deep inside the eye I see the truth, I’m bad for you

Bad for you

We’re drowning in dead desire
We created our own hell
The stars align but then collide
Are we built this broken by design
You’re like an angel oh so tempting
You know I’ll only clip your wings
I’m hiding underneath your veil
I hate but I wear it well, yeah

I can hear the sound of porcelain angels crying out
Dwelling on the ground until their devils take them out

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