THE DODIES to release new music: It’s One Hell of a Ride on April 24

In February of 2018, The Dodies self released their first demo titled “Floating in Limbo” while living in the southern desert of Israel where they where born and breed. The Dodies is a garage rock duo that consists of guitar/vocalist Yoni Avittan and Ran Aronson where Ran drums with one hand and plays keys with his other to fill in melodies and bass.

The song “Boiling Point” is off of their upcoming new debut music album titled “It’s One Hell of a Ride” and was released in February 2020 and the album will be released on April 24, 2020. The album is produced by the band and co-produced by Ron Thai of Guns N’ Roses.

The Dodies songs are about depression, alienation and rage, along with catchy hooking riffs and melodies. This band puts high importance in their artistic integrity and authenticity and giving it their all in the studio and on stage.

“I was called in to co-produce a demo they were recording at a studio in Texas, end of 2018. I was blown away – great songwriters, performers, and lots of personality. Yoni (guitars/vocals) is a poetic uncompromising artist. Ran (drums/keys/backing vocals) plays the entire kit with his right arm while simultaneously playing bass on a synth with his left hand, and singing backing vocals, and does it effortlessly. Together they’re a sight to be seen”

Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal

“They put very high importance on integrity, everything being authentic in expressing who they are, I respect that a lot. My role was to make that happen. I flew out to them to record the full album. We recorded the music at a local studio, then recorded vocals and extras (tambourine, foot stomps, kicking rattling amps…) at Ran’s house (I brought over mics and an interface). We did it all with no click track, no re-amping, no drum triggers, no auto-tune – just the two of them playing together, capturing the spirit, on their gear, everything in just a first or second take. We worked as a team the following months mixing, tweaking, obsessing over details until it was ready. I can truly say, I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so much heart and had so much fun producing a band, I want to see these guys go on to have a great future, and am grateful to be here at the start of it all.”

Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal

The Dodies are

Yoni Avittan – Singer / Guitarist
Ran Aronson – Drummer / Synth Bassist / Backing Vocalist

The Dodies It’s One Hell of a Ride


1. Boiling Point
2. Sell Out
3. Alien
4. Suleyman
5. Circles
6. Suburban Nights
7. Comfort Zone
8. Pussy Riot
9. Sweet Solitude
10. Stuck
11. Buffoon
12. Dysthymia
13. Goodbyes

The Dodies Boiling Point

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