THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE Releases New Music: Gucci & Gold

Metal band THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE was formed in April of 2012 and hails from Melbourne, Australia. Since their last brutal LP “Sickness Unknown” released in June 2016 the band has been working hard playing out and honing their trade. On February 20th THE WEIGHT OF SILENCE released their latest single titled “Gucci & Gold” that followed their 5 solo singles. “Gucci & Gold” has a rap/metal overtone that channel Dropout Kings and Body Count and the band coins as #TrapMetal.

“Gucci & Gold is just a raw, hardcore inspired song that came together like any old band practice jam… something you can bang your head to and overall just have fun with! While our album as a whole is heavily influenced by trap, hip hop and rap, this track is mostly inspired by bands like Deez Nuts, Trapped Under Ice, Body Count, etc” 

Jacob Pedersen – The Weight of Silence


Jacob ‘J-Figure’ Pedersen on Vocals
Benny ‘4 Twenny’ Ehmke on Guitar
Bjorn ‘Los’ Santos on Bass
Nic ‘Lil Gerbz’ Courtney on Drums