A album review of Planet Mercury: None In A Million

PLANET MERCURY is an all-American alternative pop / punk band with strong musical influences from Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41 and other 90s bands of their genre. Based out of Massachusetts and with 3 EPs, one single and one unplugged album beginning late 2017, PLANET MERCURY is just what this Doctor ordered. Okay, I am an uncle not a doctor but I know a good overall album when I hear one. 

Planet Mercury
None In A Million

Like PLANET MERCURY’s past albums that revolve around life experiences, NONE IN A MILLION is a catchy 6 song EP that speaks about the end of a relationship and its many stages. 

Opening the album is “Cynical Serenade” which harmonizes about a boy (Jerry) and his girlfriend (Ginger) and her self-revolving egotistical lifestyle that is all about her and her friends. Having sucked Jerry into adopting her friends and telling them that she is so bored of her relationship and he is so lost realizing that he doesn’t have any friends of his own. 

Planet Mercury
Cynical Serenade

Having realizing that Jerry has nothing in common with his girlfriend anymore and he has nothing nice to say to her anymore. Jerry is having a hard time finding his own way and realizing he is truly a one in a million, he thinks of destruction and decay. Jerry still loves this girl and wants to let her down in the nicest way possible but realizing that is not going to happen. 

In the song “I’ll Thank Me Latter”, Jerry is finding the courage to let her go and telling himself that he will thank himself in a year and needs to take his time and finding his own friends again. But while trying to break up with Ginger she is devastated by this and tries to change Jerry’s mind. Jerry nearly gets suckered into changing his mind and thinking that everything is fine, which it isn’t. 

Now that the relationship is over, Ginger is fine but treats Jerry like dirt. Jerry can’t find any place to hide since everything and everyone he now knows reminds him of her. he feels that he will never be the same again. 

The album ends on a very sad note. I want to know what happens next in this story! PLANET MERCURY please come out with another album or at least a single. I want to know if the man in the song is going to be already. Will he find new friends? Will he ever be happy again? I guess time will tell.

My favorite song on NONE IN A MILLION is “Thickheaded.”

I rate this album a solid 9 out of 10.

Planet Mercury