A Review of Hangry for Love by DEATHCODE

Discovered in 2015 and hailing from Connecticut, DEATHCODE is a grunge / metal band that has an 80s groove to it and reminds me of Motley Crue. This four man team consisting of William “Hoppy” Hopson (bass); Tony ‘Manic’ Fappiano (vox); Jason ‘Logic’ Goclowski (guitar); Chris Montaña (drums).

Opening the album “Hangry for Love” is the song “Shadow Of A Shadow.” This song talks about that shadow that is always behind you. You sense it, you know it is there but you can’t see it. You turn your head to look at the shadow and the shadow moves behind you again. You can feel it there, it is indeed a shadow of a shadow. 

Now “Friendzone” starts out with a wooden block beat and then goes into a heavy guitar chop kinda punk like. Now this song is about a girl that is a bad ass. The song describes what she looks like, such as wearing a skirt and a tongue ring. I can see it now, a goth chick with a punk look drinking a bottle of booze straight from the bottle and playing guitar. 

The last song on the album is titled “King Of The Storm” and this song complements the first track in a way. First you have a song about a shadow and then 2 songs about a girl and now a song about a Norse God.

Over all the instrumentals in this album are great. They are clean and very well composed. I give this album a 7.5 out of 10. The reason for the low number is based on personal taste. Your mileage will vary. I am very happy that I purchased this album, it helps out the band.