A review of Nymphidels latest LP: A band In places

NYMPHIDELS is a two piece American rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 2012, Jess Moroney and Pat Flanagan have been friends for years. Pat has been a drummer most of his natural life. I first met Pat in the early 1990s when he was a drummer for a band called Room w/a View. I have met Jess a time or two but I really know nothing about her past.

A Band In Places

Like all music albums there are messages and stories. The story behind “A BAND IN PLACES” is about letting the worries in your life and escaping back to simpler times. The opening song “Nauseous” is about death and letting go of your worries about it.


“Womb” is about having a clear soul and mind and escaping back to early beginning when things where so much simpler. In my opinion, the chorus “going back to the womb” describes going way back to when everything was taken care of and you had nothing to worry about. Nothing is wrong in life, we just make our own reality and that is where song 3 comes in perfectly right after titled “Wake Up”. The song is about celebrating life and turning to everything that once made you happy. The energy that I get from this song is just so up beat and joyful that I want to sing along and dance.

This next song is about doing everything you wanted to do and now you are ready to settle down. There is a lyric about waking up next to someone else. Oops, maybe not so fast after all. “No Turning Back” is about being stuck in a marriage that reminds one of the same old thing that one was escaping from.

Overall without comparing this album with their first one I give it a 7 out of 10. Great stories, melodies, guitar and drums. The overall feel of this album has a 60s rock vibe to it. I love hearing all these old sounds in these new bands.