A Review of Profane Devotions EP by BLACKSOUL SERAPHIM

BLACKSOUL SERAPHIM released their first album back in 2013 and is a 5 piece Gothic metal doom independent band from the far reaches of Worcester, Massachusetts and has 5 EP audio cds and 4 singles through Bandcamp. The band was founded by vocalist Joshua Carrig along with drummer Rick Lowell. Terese Nichole is the female vocals of this outfit and I must say that her voice is enchanting.

Profane Devotions starts off with a short instrumental and then goes right into backing and forward lyrics and Terese comes in for a trio chorus. Basically this song is about a human, most likely a teen sitting in a room all alone in misery watching the idiot box and fixed on Fox news watching the world go by in doom and despair.

Thank goodness that this album came with lyrics but they are so poetic I can not decipher them. Perhaps an interview with BLACKSOUL SERAPHIM is in order. Aside from the lyrics, the music has a slow tempo and reminds me of The Doors even though the band’s influences are from bands such as Opeth, Swallow the Sun and others of that nature. I am a thrash metal lover but I really dig this album, it is a nice change.

Overall I give this album a 6.5 out of 10 only because it is not in my genre field and you know that is a good thing to have mass appeal. 


Joshua Carrig – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Benjamin Jon – Guitar
Pete Gelles – Bass
Rick Lowell – Drums, Percussion, Harsh vocals
Terese Nichole – Female vocals