DEAD BY WEDNESDAY self-titled review: new album release

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY was established in 2006 by drummer Opus of Gargantua Soul and is an internationally renowned 4 piece heavy metal group from New Haven, Connecticut. Currently signed to Combat Records (a division of EMP), the band has released 5 studio albums, included is their new self titled album that was released in October of 2019. DEAD BY WEDNESDAY has toured with the best of them, including, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed as well as others. They have TV and radio play and their work can be found on all recording platforms, such as, Spotify, TouchTunes, Amazon Music, iTunes and more. These guys put on a huge and very intense metal show when they come into town.

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY release new album and this time it is self-titled. Let’s knock it off already and go straight to the meat with “You & Die.” First time I heard this song I got chills all over my body, especially in the temples. From what I can gather, the song is about a relationship between a man and woman where the man is trying to get out of it but the woman wants him to stay. In the video that I saw, the man tries many times to kill himself to escape but fails miserably. Halfway though he rekindles his connection but the woman is looking for other men. Eventually the man kills himself. Ya I know, this was a video review. Now on to the music. The intro for “You & Die” starts with a guitar serenade and then goes right into a Killswitch Engage type of opening. The guitars are there and the double kick drums are on point with everything coming together in a great hard rock / metal kaleidoscope of highs and lows. Rob Roy’s vocals are clean and very distinct while there are moments of screaming and growling.

Another song that sticks out is “Un-Fuck The World” which I could swear I have heard before. Now this my friend is what I call METAL! with guitars going all over the place and a driving killer drum piece, Rob’s vocals come through clean and I must say, pretty fucking angry! He is definitely pissed off about the current state of the world and he wants change NOW!

Throughout the album the songs range from speed to heavy. DEAD BY WEDNESDAY bring their own unique sound to the plate as well as hinting on other top musicians of the current day. This self titled release has got to be their best work to date. I can’t wait to see them live and hopefully soon. I rate this album a 8.5 out of 10.


01 – Vekja (The Awakening)

02 – Smelling Salts

03 – (un)FTW

04 – You & Die

05 – Manimal

06 – Darwin’s Dance (Pt.1)

07 – Darwin’s Demise (Pt.2)

08 – Chrysalis

09 – Beatdown & Broken

10 – Out The Door

11 – Break When I’m Dead (V2.0)

12 – You & Die (Acoustic)








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