New Music From 3 Parts Dead: A Review of Devil EP

This 2 song album was created by Boston, Massachusetts rock and roll band 3 Parts Dead and released in June 2019 and recorded at Fuzzy Tracks in New York. With it’s hard hitting drums and fast guitars, Mike Patton on vocals and bass, speaks about the devil and how he is always there either in your mind or in your face. The title track opens with a dirty guitar riff, followed by a steady drum and then in comes the vocals. The song is a steady rhythm that goes on for about 4 minutes.

3 Parts Dead

“Next To You” opens with a faster rock and roll anthem. With the Mike Fitzback whaling on the guitar and Ramon Miquilena beating the skins on this one, this track speaks volumes. From what I can gather is “Next To You” speaks about burning the candle at both ends feeling all alone next to Satan. Probably about partying and doing drugs. The lyrics on this song do not help much.

Overall I give this 2 song EP a 6 out of 10 based on the musical composition and lack of a clear story line. 3 Parts Dead does have other albums out so please do not take this as a band review.