Produced by Johannes Wenisch and distributed through STF-Records, THE EDGE OF REASON’s latest LP titled “Sting” was released in October of 2019 and is available world wide on your usual platforms and formats.

Hailing from the far reaches of  Regensburg, Germany come the soon to be world famous, THE EDGE OF REASON! With their 2nd LP in 2 years, the band did not hold back from “Sting.” During an interview with Ro, the band’s vocalist, he said that “Sting” was harder to write than “Broken But Not Torn” only because they have set there bar up very high.

The Edge Of Reason

“Sting” starts out with the song “A Stranger You Know” which starts with synthesizer bells and then goes straight into the lyrics followed by the drums and guitars. I am not very good at hearing lyrics but from what I can gather I think this is a song about stalking and I think I am right, based on the titles of the other songs. “Come True” is a love song that has a driving hard rock groove with dabble guitars and and a hard hitting drum backing beat this song definitely a mosh pit song, especially with the occasional screams! Now going into “Paradox”, another love song with the occasional screaming.

The Edge Of Reason

Another heavy hitting song is “Through My Eyes” with power shreds and octave changes at and insane level of difficulty. “Better Days” to follow suit, talking about days passing by and better days to come. “River” has the same tempo as the other songs but in an interview with Ro, he says it is one of the fan favorites.

Another fan favorite of TEOR is “Squeezed Lemon” which is currently on video promotion at their YouTube channel. In the same interview Ro pretty much says ya can’t make lemonade out of lemons. From what I can gather, the song is about a bad day and the piano pieces add to the feeling of the song. “Bread and Water” is another fan favorite with lots of clean vocals and screaming parts.

All in all this album was about a boy trying to get girl and fighting his own demons inside his head in doing so. Finally once he has the courage to ask her out she says no.

I rate this album a solid 8.5 out of 10. There could be more change-ups in the instrumental to match with the phase of the story sung throughout the album.