Review of We Go To War With The Weapons We Have by SWARM OF EYES

Founded in 2009, SWARM OF EYES is a 5 piece metal act from Boston, Massachusetts who is signed to Humanemic Records and has influences from Slayer, Metallica, Testament, Megadeath as well as many others.

I will open this review with “Skulls” since it is a catchy punk / metal song with some dance to it. The chorus is “I want your Skull, I need your skull” and the rest of the lyrics to me is gibberish. The guitars and drums are fast and at a punk style tempo. Oh and did I mention that the singer wants and needs your skull? The next song is a Ramone’s cover of “Blitzkrieg Bop” with the same fast and hard tempo as skulls and with a massive breakdown.

The rest of the album has titles like “Cursed In Blood” and “Tell Your God To Ready For Blood” which has a death metal style to the album and with deep growls. With guitar solos riddled throughout, the album keeps a high tempo that one can mosh and dance to. The song “Left To Burn” is about a breakup.

Overall I give this album a solid 8 out of 10. I wish the album was longer than 7 songs but I guess you get what you get. Look out for Swarm of Eyes new album sometime in 2020.

Swarm of Eyes
We Go To War With The Weapons We Have


1.Cursed In Blood
2.Tell Your God To Ready For Blood
4.Left To Burn
6.Blitzkrieg Bop


George O’Connor – Guitars and knob twiddling
Randy Carter – Yelling
Derrik Albertelli – Noodling and junt-junts
Jeff Grossman – Bass and weapons
Tommy Burke – Thunder Sticks