BANSHEEKID music: review of Offerings

Based out of Methuen and currently living in Boston, Massachusetts, Bansheekid is a doom rap artist unlike I have ever hear. He is a break from the same old radio rap that I have been hearing for years. I do not listen to much rap or hip hop, I am straight up metal, but after I had BANSHEEKID drop in my inbox I am sure to listen to more of this type of music.

BANSHEEKID is a unique mix of rap, hip hop and a bit of metal and this is what I like most. The screaming is what really gets me and I like it a lot.

We have all lost loved ones and the despair that goes with it just overcomes you and makes you think of ending it all the time. The rhymes in this song is wicked sick and reminds me of the times that I just want to end it all and be done with it. No fear in death anymore but one can overcome these feelings.

The backing track is so simple and yet complements this vocals very well with synthetic bells and rim-shots. One needs to listen to this track to get the full meaning. .I guarantee that what you walk away with is going to be different for each person. This review is what I got out of it.

I give this song a 9 out of 10. The melody and the way it made me sway was just fantastic. Fan for life. This song definitely made me think different about rap. I guess I have been listening to the wrong stuff!