LONESTAR MASSACRE release new music: Ghidorah SP

Founded in 2018, LONESTAR MASSACRE is a deathcore band hailing from San Antonio and comprises of a young group of death and destruction and definitly puts the meaning of “don’t fuck with Texas” to the absolute test. During live performances LONESTAR MASSACRE gets the crowd moving and grabs the attention of anyone that attends. The band is looking to make a name for themselves and will not back down for anyone.

With massive guitar chops, double bass kicks and primal growls, GHIDORAH is sure to get the pit moving at any live show or even in your own basement in times of confinement. The lyrics to this song are very deep and dark with self lothing and self hate about welcoming death or any kind of escape from one’s own reality. The song from what I can gather is about the effect that drugs have on you once you quit them. Walking around looking all happy and shit while people don’t understand what is really going on under that garage that you call life.

I love death metal and any kind of metal for that matter. I have had a long line of abuse both emotionally and physically; both self inflicted and chemically induced. I am in recovery now and that is why I connect with the song so well. From what I get out of this song may not be what you do; mileage will vary.

I rate GHIDORAH by LONESTAR MASSACRE a 7 out of 10. I feel there could be a melody or some thrash to liven it up but that is not how the song was wrote and I would not ask any of the band members to change it. I have not listened to any of their other works so please take this review with a cup of sugar.


Hondo Hernandez Jr. – Vocals
Jerimiah Rios – Guitar
Joey Garcia – Bass
Korvin Gonzales – Drums