Founded in March 2018, TRUESHOT is an independent four-piece death/metalcore band based out of New Hampshire. With fans around the world thanks to streaming services such as Spotify and BandCamp, TRUESHOT takes the world by storm with their hard hitting, screaming music and the powerful lyrics of singer Richard Janvrin.


“PURGATORY” is the debut track off of TRUESHOT’s “ESCAPE” 6 track EP that was released in June of 2019. The song starts with a strong, dark atmosphere and opens with guitar chops and double kick drums. At 40 seconds there is dead silence and then Richard belts into the lines “Watching from the sidelines”, speaking of a friend or family member who is broken and crumbling. In a day where mental health is in the news just about every day, Janvrin sings in a way that speaks to me.

We all have our problems and the person that is sung about in PURGATORY is one that is at the end of their rope and Richard has no control of what is going on. He is looking in on the outside of what I think is depression and perhaps drug use. The person in the song is at a crossroads in their life and is not sure what direction to go. The lyrics “We handle things differently; it was a large part of your life” could mean many things and to me I am thinking it was drugs, alcohol or gang life.

I feel like Richard is trying to save the person in the song and in a way I feel he is talking to me, the way I was for at least 25 years. Hiding behind alcohol and not knowing which direction to turn.

The instrumentals in PURGATORY are sensationally hard and heavy just the way I like it. While listening to the song multiple times, the chorus “It’s clear you where broken” rings inside my head.

I give this song an 8.5 out of 10. I can not wait to hear what is in store for the EP when it comes out. I will definitely be reviewing the full album of PURGATORY when it comes out.