ZOLTO release new song: Bruises

Founded in 2015 and hailing from Los Angeles, ZOLTO is an experimental rock band that started with keyboardist Ramon Darbidian and engineer / guitarist Ara Tossounian. What started out as an instrumental band, eventually formed into a 3 piece band with bass and drums. During the early stages of ZOLTO, Ara became the band’s full time engineer and the band when through a few lineup changes.

In spring of 2019, lead vocalist Eli Arnold joined the band and finally the lineup known today as ZOLTO is complete.

The track BRUISES is about a relationship that is so strong where neither of the parties can even think of living alone. One day the couple breaks apart and the singer is the one that is left behind and sings about how much he needs the other one to live. Song of lies, agony and struggle is sung it is uncertain if the couple remains together or are just friends.

The instrumental on BRUISES is just fantastic. The electronic symponies and drums are what really drive this band but Eli puts on the finishing touch that turns this band from an instrumental to a full blown progressive rock band with a great future ahead of them. I can not wait for a full album from ZOLTO.

I rate this song a out of 10 because ZOLTO has a solid core and I can really see this band going places.


Ramon Darbidian – Keys/Composer
Michel Chitarians – Bass
Eli Arnold – Vocals
Lonny Pasillas – Drums
Ara Tossounian – Audio Engineer